Geoffrey Smeddle's deliciously simple fudge recipe uses ingredients that are easy to obtain from your local shop. Wonderfully creamy and a fantastic petit four, this fudge will keep well in an air-tight container for a few days

To start this simple fudge recipe, grease a 18-20cm square tray with a very light film of vegetable oil
Place the milk, sugar and butter in a saucepan and warm slowly on a low heat so the sugar and butter dissolves. It is important to stir constantly during this process and keep the mix off the sides of the pan to avoid crystallisation on the sugar
Once dissolved, add the vanilla extract, then bring the mix to the boil and cook until it reaches 112˚C, using a sugar thermometer to gauge the temperature. Continue to cook while stirring until the mixture looks similar to thick bubbling lava. CAUTION: This is extremely hot
While the mix is cooking, break the chocolate into very small pieces and place them in a metal bowl
Once the mixture reaches the correct temperature and texture, remove from the heat and pour over the white chocolate
Test for soft ball sugar
To test for soft ball sugar, use a clean spoon to remove a little of the mixture and drop into ice cold water. Allow to sit in the water for 20-30 seconds. Remove the sugar from the water with your fingers, if it is solid but still soft and malleable it is ready. If it is runny and cannot be handled, return to the heat for a further 2-3 minutes. If it has set hard, it has reached too high a temperature and you will need to start again
Using a heat-proof spatula, stir the fudge mix well until the chocolate has dissolved and is well incorporated. Continue to stir until the mixture starts to cool, thicken and goes from shiny to matte in colour
Pour the fudge mix into the greased tray and allow it to cool at room temperature – do not refrigerate
Once cool, turn the fudge out on to a chopping board, cut into cubes and place in an airtight container until needed
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  • vegetable oil
  • 1 can of evaporated milk, 170g
  • 680g of caster sugar
  • 225g of unsalted butter
  • 1 dash of vanilla extract
  • 170g of white chocolate


  1. Sugar thermometer
  2. 18-20cm square tray

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Geoffrey Smeddle's simple fudge recipe is easy to make and gives delicious results. It's a vanilla fudge recipe everyone will enjoy.

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As a newbie to fudge making, I tried this recipe and ended up with a gloopy mess that didn't set, even though my mixture had come very quickly to 112 degrees. Looking at other recipes for fudge, I decided to boil it longer (no time suggested in recipe) which helped but I still have ended up with something resembling soft caramel!! Learning more about working with sugar though... Anyway, having read on a confectioners website that fudge generally needs to be at a rolling boil for 30 minutes or so, I shall try again and see how the results are!! I have a friend who makes this in a Thermomix, but I shall persevere the old fashioned way - I will not give up!!! Rachel.
13 March 2013