This exuberant sea urchin and scrambled eggs recipe also includes seaweed, sea urchin cream and ossetra caviar, a dish comprised of the ultimate in indulgence. Ask your local fishmonger for sea urchin tongue

To make the cream, place the sea urchin in a blender. Blitz on a medium speed adding the chilled cream slowly
Once all the cream has been incorporated, pass through a fine sieve
To finish, melt the butter in a copper pan over a bain-marie. Add the egg mix and lightly scramble. Add the sea urchin cream and check the seasoning
Gently warm the sea urchin tongue in a pan. Place the seaweed in the bottom of the bowl and place the scrambled egg on top. Place the warm sea urchin tongue on top of the egg
Toast the ficille slices at 170°C for 16 minutes until golden brown
Finish with the caviar, micro herbs and long ficelle crouton placed on the side
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Scrambled eggs

Sea urchin cream

  • 100g of sea urchin tongue
  • 100ml of double cream, chilled

To plate


  1. Fine sieve
  2. Blender

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Gary Jones combines sea urchin with scrambled eggs and caviar to make a luxurious and innovative canapé

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