Pigs' ears are a sadly underrated and underused part of the pig, but they are a wonderfully flavourful and savoury treat. This pigs' ears recipe from Club Gascon chef Pascal Aussignac offers two serving suggestions of the slow-cooked ears: boiled or deep-fried. Either way, these delectable delicacies will make a spectacular canapé at your next dinner party, or even a distinctive bar snack, pairing well with a flavourful pale ale, IPA or a crisp pilsner-style lager

Begin this pigs' ears recipe by taking the fresh pigs' ears and, using sharp kitchen scissors, cutting out and discarding the inner ear ridged sections, leaving the larger outer portion of the ears intact
Place the pigs' ears in a large pan of boiling water and simmer for 4-5 hours until very tender. Then drain, cool and pat the ears dry
Sprinkle the pigs' ears with crushed sea salt. Then cut into thin strips and serve, or dust the pigs' ears with sifted flour and fry in oil or duck fat until crisp and golden
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Wine Matching

Find out why we suggest matching this Pigs' ears recipe with a medium and round red wine, or a light and crisp white wine


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Pascal Aussignac's pigs' ears recipe is a savoury treat whether boiled or fried. Both options are suggested in this pigs' ears recipe, so why not try both?