A pungent blend of spices add a distinct warmth to this mulled winter fruits dish from Gary Jones. Cold ice cream is blissful next to the crunchy spiced bread and warm winter fruits including figs, pears and plums.

To make the mulled fruit, reduce the red wine by half. Bring the port to the boil and add to the wine. Tie the cloves, star anise, zests, cinnamon stick and black peppercorns into a piece of muslin
Add the orange juice and sugar to the alcohol with the muslin bag, then add the cherry purée. Bring everything to a simmer
Gently poach all of the fruits in the liquor until just cooked. Place in a kilner jar, cover with the liquid and allow to cool. Chill overnight
For the cinnamon ice cream, heat the oven to 140°C/gas mark 1. Roast the cinnamon sticks for 5-6 minutes, then gently break up into pieces. Bring the milk to the boil, add the cinnamon and infuse for 30 minutes
Heat 165g of caster sugar in a pan until it melts, and cook until it turns to a caramel. Take off the heat and add the hot water to stop it cooking
Whisk in the strained milk infusion and stir until you have a smooth mixture. Reheat if necessary
Whisk the egg yolks with a little infused milk, the remaining caster sugar, the dried milk and stabilizer
Heat to 85°C to pasteurize the mixture, then allow to cool to 4°C. Pass through a fine sieve, pour into an ice cream machine and churn. Freeze until required
Churning ice cream and sorbet
If you turn the ice-cream maker on 5 minutes before churning, it will guarantee that the mixture being churned cools at a faster, more consistent rate. Check on the ice cream and sorbet as it churns and consult the ice cream maker's instruction manual before use
For the pain d’epices, heat the oven to 170°C/Gas mark 3. In a bowl, lightly mix the eggs and caster sugar. Add the five spices, vanilla extract and orange zest
Warm the milk and honey to 45ºC and add this. Fold the flour into the mix. Spread in a 5mm layer onto a silicone mat-lined tray and cook for 6/7 minutes
To glaze, cut 6 portions of pain d’epices, each measuring 10 x 4cm. Heat 15g of the clarified butter with the caster sugar in a frying pan until a light golden brown
Add the pain d'epices, evenly coating and caramelizing both sides. Transfer to greaseproof paper and leave to cool down. Cut out 6 rounds
To plate, warm the fruit gently and drain off the cooking liquid. Place the warm fruits around the bowl
Place a piece of pain d'epice in the centre of the bowl with a scoop of ice cream on top. Sprinkle the crispy pain d'epice on the ice cream, and add some of mulled liquor. Serve immediately
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Mulled wine fruits

Cinnamon ice cream

  • 10 cinnamon sticks
  • 1l of full-fat milk
  • 260g of caster sugar
  • 10ml of water, heated
  • 85g of caster sugar
  • 20g of milk powder
  • 20g of diamante 50 stabiliser
  • 10 egg yolks

Pain d’epice


  • 15g of clarified butter
  • 125g of caster sugar


  1. Ice cream maker
  2. Sterilised jars
  3. Sugar thermometer
  4. Muslin cloth

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Wintry desserts can be thin on the ground but this spectacular recipe from Gary Jones produces a warming dessert, complete with a dollop of cinnamon ice cream