This beetroot samosa recipe by Simon Hulstone makes for a light and satisfying canapé. Beetroot wrappers are filled with rich goat's curd and served on a disc of beetroot. The visual impact alone will wow your guests

Using a mandolin thinly slice one each of the golden and red beetroots. Cut the slices into 8cm squares and quickly blanch each colour separately in boiling water. Refresh in iced water
Boil the red wine and red wine vinegar together and place the red beetroot in to the mix. Cool and allow to marinate for up to 2 weeks
Repeat the process with the white wine and white wine vinegar and the golden beetroot
Cook the whole red and golden beetroots in boiling water and allow to cool. Slice into discs approximately 5mm thick and then cut out smaller discs, about 3cm in diameter. Mix the goat’s curd with the truffle
For the samosas, drain the beetroot squares on a tea towel and place a small amount of goats curd in the centre
Pull up all the corners to meet in the middle and squeeze together with finger and thumb, brush with oil and sprinkle with the seeds and herbs
Place on a disc of cooked beetroot the opposite colour to the samosa and serve
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Beetroot Samosa


  1. Mandolin

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These stunning beetroot 'samosas' of goats curd packed into delicate beetroot wrappers will wow any party guest

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