Cook your duck to perfection every time, with the help of this video from Great British Chefs which demonstrates how to tell when a duck breast is cooked.

When serving duck breast, preference on how much it is cooked is important. Regardless of the amount of 'well done' the duck breast is prefered, they are ways to check before serving. The best way to tell when a duck breast is cooked is by touch, but to help also use a meat thermometer. Remember to rest the duck breast before serving. Practice of this technique is useful, so have a go at recipes from Great British Chefs' duck breast collection such as James Sommerin's duck breast with lavender, beetroot and sweet potato.

For more information on sourcing, preparing and cooking duck, go to our how to cook duck page.


Press the duck breast firmly with your finger. The texture of the breast should be firm, yet tender, and should spring back slightly to the touch
Slice into the breast and check to see if the meat is slightly pink in the middle
If the meat is too rare, finish cooking the duck breast in the oven at 220ºC/gas mark 7. If the duck breast is cooked correctly, continue to slice and serve
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