Learn how to carve a whole duck at home, in this video from Great British Chefs

Learning this technique of carving a whole duck is a useful kitchen skill to master to create neat and even portions ready to serve. Duck meat has a rich a gamey flavour ideally served with an acidic or sweet sauce to cut through and contrast with the 'fatty' meat. Have a go at carving a whole duck and using it in Pascal Aussignac's duck breast with aromatic polenta fries and orange vinaigrette or Matthew Tomkinson's honey-roasted breast of duck with smoked belly pork, caramelised endive and ceps. 

For more information on sourcing, preparing and cooking duck, go to our how to cook duck page.
After the duck has cooked, leave it to rest
Use the carving fork to support the duck in the middle of the breast
With the carving knife, cut between the breast and the leg
Run the paring knife around the back of the thigh to remove the oyster meat
Use your hands to snap off the thigh joint
To remove the breast, keep the carving knife close to the breastbone and ribcage
Slice downwards along one side of the breastbone over the ribcage and use your hands to gently remove the breast
The breasts and legs of the duck are now ready to be used
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