Stephanie’s Apple Cake

By Mecca Ibrahim •

All the staff at Great British Chefs love cooking. We take it in turns to cook a team lunch every day. We particularly like cake and were delighted when Facebook Fan Stephanie Tate sent us lovely Apple Cake Recipe to try. We had lots of apples to use up from our Abel & Cole delivery and Monique, our Social Media Assistant and resident baker, followed Stephanie’s recipe & the result is below. Full to bursting with apples it was scrumptious hot from the oven.

You will need: 1 x 7” spring form tin prepped (you can make it larger - this makes quite a small cake).

4-5 green apples (I use Granny’s for this)
1 cup of brown sugar - demerara or darker (darker the better)
250mls water
125g butter (salted or unsalted)
1/2 cup of caster sugar
2 medium eggs
2 cups self-raising flour (sieved)
1 tsp cinnamon
125mls milk

Preheat oven to 350c - Gas Mark 4

Peel, core and quarter your apples then cut into 1 cm slices. Put the brown sugar and water in a pan. Bring to the boil, reduce heat add apple slices and simmer uncovered until apples are tender (couple of mins or so). Drain apples and reserve the syrup.

Cream your butter with until it’s light and fluffy then beat in the eggs one at a time (if it looks a bit curdled just add a tsp of the flour) then fold in the sifted flour and cinnamon alternately with the milk - the batter will be quite thick!

Spread half of this over the cake tin evenly - you may have to work at this due to the stickiness and thickness of the batter. Top with half the apples and then spread over the remaining cake batter. Arrange the remaining apples on the top decoratively.

Bake for around 50 mins to 1 hour - as ovens vary just check to see if it is done with a skewer. Whilst baking boil your reserved syrup until halved (you can be a bit naughty if you have some calvados around and add a splash *smiles*).

Take the cake out of the oven and when it’s cool enough to handle out of the tin. Liberally brush the top with the hot syrup - do be very liberal it’s not a problem if it seeps into the cake - this will give a lovely sheen to the apples on the top. Allow to cool and then serve slightly warm with cream or custard - or on it’s own!!! When it is cold I warm a slice for a min in the microwave to bring back the just baked texture!

We didn’t add a syrup topping, so didn’t get the lovely sheen that Stephanie mentioned, we also didn’t allow it to cool & polished off very quickly.

Thanks for the recipe Stephanie and we hope it inspired some weekend baking amongst everyone. Please tell us what cakes you’re thinking of making on our Great British Chefs Facebook Page, if we like the sound or look of them, we may ask you for the recipe & feature them on our blog too.


Mecca Ibrahim

Mecca is Head of Marketing and Social Media at Great British Chefs and has spent the last 10 years at some of the biggest and most innovative internet businesses out there (Yahoo, Just Giving, E-How, Moo.com and Joost). She was winning awards for her blog when most people didn't know what a blog was. Mecca hosts an annual food blogging competition called NomNomNom and runs the multi-award winning London Underground Tube Diary.

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