The "Perfect" Scrambled Eggs

By Ollie Lloyd •

There are countless views on how to make "perfect" scrambled eggs.  For Ollie it's all about personal taste.  He argues how you can never strive for perfection & offers his version, with some great principles to follow.


One of the finest breakfasts available is a scrambled eggs but it has to be said that I have probably eaten more bad versions than I have good. For me it is all about that creamy runny texture. For reasons beyond my comprehension, the travel industry specialise in the “broken up omelette approach” which guarantees nothing but a bad start to the day.

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Scrambled eggs seem to be all about personal taste. My wife believes that straight-up scrambled eggs lack flavour and need a kick from something. If I serve them to her like this, they are always accompanied by some kind of observation along the lines of “they are really nice, but I just don’t think I like scrambled eggs.” In my quest for a breakfast complement, I have tried numerous partnerships including adding a touch of harissa, chorizo, goats cheese, feta, in fact anything hanging around our fridge that shouts “flavour” at me. It should be noted that harissa normally delivers for me but I believe this is a space for experimentation.

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The most testing moment for my scrambled eggs came when I somehow ended up cooking them for two three year-old twins called Misha and Lilly, a hilarious pair, who like all kids, are never shy of an opinion.  To watch them eat them all up and declare that they liked “Ollie’s eggs”, and even apparently asked for them few weeks later, was one of the greatest culinary compliments I have ever received.

New egg pan
Photo by Monica Shaw

There are many views on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs but from all I have read it all boils down to this – do it slowly and keep stirring. This will get you the texture you need and from what I have surmised over years of practice is that with a combination of butter and milk (or for some crème fraiche) you will get that wonderful texture we all so desire to start the day well.

So here is my version with options:

Around 20-40g of butter (depending upon how healthy you want to feel and how creamy you want them)

A splash of milk

4 eggs


A sprinkling of herbs (parsley or chives)

Harissa (optional if not using, add white pepper)


1.      Melt the butter in a pan and once melted added a splash of milk to cool the butter down.

2.      Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them lightly with a whisk to combine – some hate this approach (Gordon) but I find it helps with the texture

3.      Sprinkle in the salt (again something Gordon hates but I agree with Felicity Cloake of The Guardian who also feels that you need to get the seasoning in during the cooking process to get the benefits) and put on a low heat.

4.      Stirring continuously, cook as slowly as you can handle and make sure it doesn't catch. Try and let the texture form as slowly as possible. As it starts to thicken add a small tea spoon of Harissa or white pepper if not using

5.      Serve on toast or with your chosen sides

Scrambled Eggs by Whatleydude

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Ollie Lloyd

Ollie is the CEO of Great British Chefs. He has been experimenting in the kItchen since he was five years old.  Never known for shying away from a challenge, he has taken on some of the most obscure cuts of meat and ingredients that he can lay his hands on. As a marketeer, he's worked in the US, South and South East Asia - always taking the scenic route that might involve food trucks, hawkers and elusive soup dumplings.

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