Gemma’s Fideuà (Noodle Paella) Recipe

By Gemma Marti •

We had so many people who loved Gemma’s post on fideuà on Facebook and lots of you asking for the recipe.  So Gemma kindly shared the recipe here for you all to enjoy.

Serves 6

1 bulb of garlic

2 big onions

3 soaked nyores (dried peppers)
5 beef tomatoes (grated)
100g prawns (unpeeled, heads on)

100g calamari

100g mussels

100g clams

400g cod

1 litres of stock

250g of fideus (short noodles)

olive oil



First, you start by making a ‘sofregit’ which means you fry on a very, very low heat all the cloves in a bulb of garlic, two big onions and three ‘nyores’ which are essentially dried peppers - not chillies. This must be pre-soaked in hot water and then scrape the meat inside with the back of a knife. Obviously, use quite a lot of really good olive oil.

Once the onion is translucent, throw in 5 beef tomatoes, grated. And you leave for 30-45 minutes in a very low heat, uncovered.

Meanwhile you fry the prawns in olive oil until cooked. Then take them out of the oil (leave the oil to cool), peel them and put them to one side.

Rinse the pan where you cooked the prawns with a little bit of the stock and pour the oil and stock through a colander and in the ‘sofregit’.

Next put all the prawn shells in the colander and get all the goodness out of those heads with a pestle.

Then put the mussels and clams in a pot and steam them up to open them. You can then choose to take the mussels and clams off their shells or not. Either way, reserve for later with your prawns.

Pour 3/4 of the remaining stock in the ‘sofregit’ and bring it to the boil. Leave to simmer until the sauce thickens a bit. Cut the cod in bite size chunks and add to the pan.

When cooked add all the seafood. Salt and pepper to taste at this point.

Throw in the noodles and let them absorb all the liquid. If you need more liquid throw it in. Do not stir. At this point, some people add the pan to the oven to brown the fideuà. 

Serve with aioli / allioli and enjoy with white wine.

Thanks Gemma. If you try the recipe out for yourself please come back and tell us how it turned out.


Gemma Marti

The second employee at Great British Chefs, Gemma was responsible for the initial research that led to its creation. Prior to this she worked for D&AD and Creamer and Lloyd. Gemma painstakingly created our first set of apps (which won numerous awards) and project managed the development and evolution of our website. She has published two children’s books in Catalan and other books are in the pipeline. She recently had a daughter, Neret, and has returned to work to keep the place in order.

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