After receiving his chef training at Mumbai’s prestigious Oberoi Hotel, Vineet Bhatia immigrated to England. His work at Zaika then made him Europe’s first chef of Indian cuisine to be awarded a Michelin star.

Since leaving the home of his early success, his own restaurant - Rasoi - has also been garlaned with a Michelin star.

When Bhatia first came to London, he was put off by inauthentic ingredients and the blunt-instrument spicing of Indian dishes he found.

Bhatia decided to use the spice sorcery that gives Indian food its zing in a way that allows his customers to appreciate its subtlety. Bhatia also sourced ingredients that he could adapt to his preferred cuisine but improve on what he found at other Indian restaurants.

Every dish bears his personal style - far from fusion, but not fussily purist either. From pungent Spice-encrusted scallops with roasted lentil and shallot salsa to Lemongrass-encrusted foie gras served with sweet green apple chutney.

No wonder Jan Moir at the Telegraph says, "There is more generosity and heart in the cooking here than there ever was before", calling Bhatia "a chef who has put his heart and his house on the line to do it his way".

Bhatia has published a cookbook, New Indian Kitchen, won a second Michelin star at Geneva’s Rasoi by Vineet and opened more acclaimed restaurants around the world.


Tatler restaurant awards
Best newcomer 2005

The AA culinary accolade
Three rosettes (Rasoi)

The Michelin Guide
One Michelin star (Rasoi)

Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen
Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen
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Rasoi The location might give you some clue of what to expect, but there will be times when you’re expected to ring the doorbell to enter Rasoi, this high-end Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in Chelsea; such is its exclusivity.

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