The everyday ingredient

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is the essential, all purpose seasoning for your favourite dishes - from soups and stews, to salads and stir fries. Add a splash of Kikkoman to your cooking to bring out the flavours and add a subtle savoury richness - known as 'umami'.
Made with just 4 pure ingredients and naturally brewed over several months, giving it a distinctive, aromatic taste - Kikkoman is used by many of the professional chefs.

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Whether you are dusting down the barbecue or planning a picnic as the sun makes its long overdue appearance, don't forget that Kikkoman Soy sauce can give all sorts of a meals a tasty lift - from a fabulous marinade for BBQ ribs from Josh Eggleton, a simple salad dressing shaken up with a little citrus juice, garlic and some olive oil to Martin Wishart's Crab Cakes.

Kikkoman - Seasoning your life

Seasoning your life

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