Great British Chefs demonstrates how to open an oyster at home

Opening an oyster, also known as shucking, should ideally be done just before consuming to achieve the best freshness and flavour of the oyster. When practicing this techique, cover your hand with a towel and hold the oyster down firmly. Only use shucking knives to open oysters - they have a dull point and a thick blade, which won't snap as you ply the hinge open.

Fresh oysters are typically served raw, chilled and on crushed ice to highlight the flavour. Enjoy oysters from September when in season and have a go at Shaun Rankin's poached sea bass, confit lemon butter, asparagus and Royal Bay oysters or Bryan Webb's oyster with laverbread and stilton
Protecting your hand with a thick cloth, insert the knife into the hinge of the shell
Next, twist the knife to open the shell and cut under the oyster to release
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