Valentine's Beetroot and chocolate cake by Tom Hunt

By Mecca Ibrahim •

Over Valentine's weekend (that's Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and on Valentine's Day itself - February 14th), food charity FareShare are collaborating with Forgotten Feast and their eco-chef Tom Hunt to produce a unique 3 course banqueting experience – Valentines for Everyone.  For £40 you can expect a magnificent 3-course menu of delicious but unwanted foods that might otherwise end up in landfill.

Every ticket sold will enable FareShare to provide an additional 80 meals for the hungry and vulnerable people they support, thanks to grant-giving charity StreetSmart who are generously matching the number of meals raised though ticket sales.

Photo of Beetroot & Chocolate Cake by Ewan Munro

Tom has kindly shared the recipe for one of the desserts on the menu.  It's beetroot & chocolate cake.  Perfect for Valentine's with its deep red hue and orgasmic levels of chocolate.

Beetroot’s earthy sweetness goes incredibly well with bittersweet chocolate. The beetroot lends a complex and wholesome flavour to the cake that helps relieve the guilt of eating such a scrumptious sweet.

Waste not - Beetroot is a delicious sweet and earthy vegetable. That earthiness and full flavour carries up the stalks and into the leaves. Keep the leaves and stalks to accompany or replace kale and chard.

Boil the beets whole. When the beet is soft the thin layer of skin will rub off easily, this way the beet will retain all its colour, and we will only waste a minimal amount.

180g dark chocolate 70% +

125g butter

3 whole eggs

180g caster sugar

150g Beetroot, boiled

1.  Pre-heat the oven to 150c, Line an 6 inch baking tray or round tin with unbleached baking parchment. Find a larger tin that the lined tin can sit in, to make a bain-marie.

2.  Melt the chocolate and butter gently in a bain-marie.

3.  Whilst the chocolate is melting beat the eggs and sugar together for 5 minutes until they have at least doubled in volume.

4.  Puree the beetroot in a blender with the melted chocolate. Be careful not to blend the mixture to much or you might split the chocolate. Fold the chocolate and beetroot into the eggs.

5.  Pour the mix into the cake tin. Then set it into the larger tin, and put into the oven. Boil the kettle and pour water into the outer tin ¾ up the side. This will protect the cake from the intense heat of the oven.

6.  Cook in the oven for about 30 minutes till it is just set. Remove, allow to cool, and then refrigerate. Slice when cold and serve with creme fraiche.

Sounds like a fantastic dessert for the Valentines For Everyone event.  Tickets are available for dinner Friday 10th FebruarySaturday 11thSunday 12th (late lunch) and for dinner on Valentine’s Day itself and include 3 courses, a drink and canapés.  See the full menu  and more details here. 

However, Tom's offering the chance to win 2 free tickets worth £80 for the feast on Sunday.  Enter your details on Tom's homepagein the 'Sign up now!' box which will subscribe you to his recipes and you will be entered into  his prize draw.

In the meantime what are some of your favourite chocolate cakes?  What do you like to serve with them.  We're asking this over on Great British Chefs' Facebook page.


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