10 Frozen Treats for Summer

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The easiest way to cool down in this glorious heatwave is by tucking in to a frozen treat. Making your own ice cream or sorbet is a lot more simple than you might think, especially with spectacular ice cream and sorbet recipe collections from Great British Chefs. Here are ten of the best!


Frozen Treats for… Kids: Mixed Berry FreeziesColin McGurran

Made from raspberries, strawberries, sugar and water, you can rest assured that these berry lollies don’t contain any hidden nasties, making them the perfect kids recipe on a hot summer’s day.

Frozen Treats for… Big Kids: Port and Claret Jelly with Tutti-Frutti Ice CreamGalton Blackiston

The classic dessert combo of jelly and ice cream is given a boozy twist for grown-ups with warming port and claret jelly. This dish would make a fantastic finish to any dinner party meal.

Frozen Treats for… Chocoholics: Chocolate SorbetPaul Ainsworth

For many, chocolate ice cream is a firm favourite; try something different by sampling it as a sorbet. This recipe is wonderfully versatile and can be served with anything from soufflé to cheesecake.

Frozen Treats for… Dads: Stout Ice Cream with Brown Bread Crumble – Galton Blackiston

This dessert is perfect for beer lovers and those who aren’t normally keen on sweets. The stout gives a rich, malty flavour to this ice cream dish - especially when combined with earthy brown bread crumble.

Frozen Treats for… Those Who Prefer Savoury: Beetroot Sorbet – Christoffer Hruskova

Earthy beetroot is made into a cooling sorbet in this delightful summer recipe from Christoffer Hruskova. Eat this as a wonderful palate cleanser between courses or a light, interesting dessert.

Frozen Treats for… The Experimental: Hay Ice CreamChristoffer Hruskova

Ever wondered what hay tastes like? Well wonder no more with this intriguing recipe from Christoffer Hruskova. You may need to pay a visit to your local pet shop to find the hay, unless you happen to live near a farm.

Frozen Treats for… Grown-Ups: Caipirinha SorbetMarcello Tully

Don’t be fooled by its innocuous appearance - this is not a sorbet with a hint of caipirinha but a South American caipirinha in frozen form and strictly adults-only. In fact, the taste is so strong and palate-cleansing that it is best served in tiny scoops.

Frozen Treats for… The Ambitious Cook: Lemon Parfait, Fennel Pollen Ice Cream, Fennel Granita and Olive Oil JellyAdam Simmonds

You’ll need to start prep for this lemon parfait the day before. This complex recipe plays with flavours of fennel and lemon to provide a glorious dessert. Fennel pollen is available to buy online as is trimolene and xylotol.

Frozen Treats for… Dinner Parties: Gin and Tonic GranitaMarcus Wareing

This granita reinvents the classic British tipple into a lovely summer dessert and palette cleanser. Serve this at your next garden party as opposed to making standard gin and tonics - your guests will enjoy the presentation, particularly when presented with organic, edible flowers.

Frozen Treats for… Ice Cream Connoisseurs: Lemon, Thyme and Garden Mint Ice CreamGalton Blackiston

This ice cream recipe gets an exciting twist with the addition of lemon, thyme and zesty mint - a beautiful way to round off an al-fresco, summery meal. Serve this refreshing ice cream on a base of granola or crushed biscuits.



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