First Fine Dining Restaurant for Dogs

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The Bristol restaurant scene has a new addition today, with the opening of Winslow’s of Bristol, backed by Michelin starred chef Josh Eggleton of the nearby Pony and Trap pub. The proclaimed ‘doggie diner’ will be the first of its kind in Britain to serve up high-end, canine-friendly dishes.

Josh Eggleton says, “Being a dog owner myself, I know just how bad the dining options can be. Humans don’t tolerate eating things out of cans so why should dogs? I’ve been working round the clock with my team of chefs to come up with a menu that is modern but remains true to canine tastes – Textures of Tripe being a case in point. Each dish has been tested on my dog (Winslow) and his face after he eats tells me the restaurant will be a success. Why not?”

Pork Jus Jelly with apple and Shortbread ‘dog biscuits’

Dog diners will be treated to dishes including Textures of Tripe with Onion Puree, Crispy Pig’s ears with Truffle Tartare Sauce and Pork Jus Jelly with apple sauce and Shortbread ‘dog biscuits’.
Textures of Tripe with Onion Puree

Winslow’s will be open round the clock and diners will be able to choose from a range of menus, ranging from the ‘menu surprise’ priced at £79 a head, to the thriftier ‘market menu’ - £59 a head. Whatever is not eaten at the first sitting will be available to take home in a doggy bag.  Alcohol will not be available but locally and organically sourced spring water will be served in bone china ramekins.
Josh hopes to attract a wide variety of clientele, stating, “Winslow’s will treat all of its customers the same – whether they are a stray just looking for a place to warm up or a prize-winning poodle. All dogs deserve Michelin star quality cuisine.”

Crispy Pig’s ears with Truffle Tartare Sauce
Those who are unable to travel to Winslow’s of Bristol can try out three recipes above and we are looking forward to supporting more on a forthcoming pet-food app.
CEO of Great British Chefs, Ollie Lloyd, says, “We’re delighted to feature Josh’s dog food recipes and think they represent some of his best work. Unfortunately most dogs will be unable to read the recipes but their pet owners can, so we hope this leads to better doggie dinners across the land.”

Ollie added, “I’d be surprised if Winslow’s doesn’t make the country’s great food guides and critics sit up and take notice.”


Hi just a quick note, good April Fool's but dogs and onions are not a good mix can be toxic for them.
2 April 2014
Can just imagine my two Border Terrorists noshing their way through those pigs ears and then calling the waiter to dab the jus out of their beards, it wouldn't exactly be fine dining though! :D
Tee hee glad it's an April Fool or us picky dog owners would upset the Chef by pointing out that onions are toxic for doggies!
1 April 2014
Silly I'm not as April Fool this maybe
as fine dining for dogs would be funny to see
and as they raise a toast and a hairy hind leg
God help the young commie who says yes chef WEE!
1 April 2014
Do you have a phone number for the restaurant so I can book a table for Mellow and Summer (my two labradors)? I can't find it anywhere online!

Many thanks
1 April 2014
Martin Wilson
April Fools!
1 April 2014

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