Cadbury Creme Egg No Churn Ice Cream

By Helen Best-Shaw •

Easter is late this year, hopefully the weather will be warm so why not try Helen’s easy no churn ice cream recipe which has no need for an ice cream maker.


Did you know that Easter can fall anytime during a period of over a month between 22nd  March and the 25th of April? 

With such a range of dates the weather can vary radically.   My parents have a photo of me making a snowman one Easter Sunday, and in contrast I also can well remember the year that my chocolate eggs melted in the sun.
This year Easter falls late, on the 20th April, bringing a chance of warmer weather and sunny skies, so an Easter ice cream recipe seems appropriate and a fairly safe bet.

I’ve paired an easy no churn ice cream recipe with an Easter classic of Cadbury Creme Eggs - perfect for making and sharing this Easter!

Firstly a few eggsellent Creme Egg Facts

  • Cadbury’s Creme Egg is the best-selling chocolate single between January-Easter each year
  • The Cadbury factory in Bournville can produce 1.5 million Creme Eggs a day
  • 10 million people in the UK will eat a Creme Egg this year
  • If you laid all the Cadbury Creme Eggs made in a year from end to end, it would stretch from Bournville to Sydney, Australia
  • If all the Cadbury Creme Eggs made in a year were stacked on top of each other, the pile would be ten times higher than Mount Everest

Cadbury Creme Egg No Churn Ice Cream

Makes about a litre


150 ml condensed milk*
4 Cadbury Creme Eggs
300 ml double cream


Put the condensed milk and 2 of the Cadbury Creme Eggs into a small saucepan and heat gently stirring until the eggs have melted and you have a smooth chocolate mixture.   Set to one side and allow to cool.

Using an electric mixer whip the cream until it holds a peak, but is still soft – if you over whip it, add some milk to soften it.   
Chop up the remaining 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs into small pieces.
Fold the condensed milk mixture and chopped eggs into the whipped cream until well mixed. 

Dollop into a freezerproof container, cover and freeze for 24 hours.

*Spare condensed milk can be kept in a plastic tub in the freezer until the next time you want to make a no churn ice cream. 

Inspired? For more Easter recipes visit Great British Chefs collection.


Helen Best-Shaw

Helen is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Leaving a city career behind she has dedicated herself to all things edible. She is passionate about making good food available and affordable to all. The recipes featured on her blog Fuss Free Flavours mainly focus on tasty, yet healthy food which is also sustainable.

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