The ginger magician cocktail with Jeeves

5 minutes



  • 1/3 Jeeves
  • 1/3 gin
  • 1/3 Campari

Ginger granita

  • 150ml of water
  • 50g of caster sugar
  • 1 ginger, about 30g, finely grated

To serve

  • orange peel
  • crushed ice


First make the granita by mixing the ingredients into a saucepan and gently heating on the hob. There is no need to bring it up to boil, just make sure that the sugar blends in. Then leave to infuse for 30 mins
Pour into the liquid into a shallow container, through a sieve to catch the ginger, and leave until completely cool. Then place into a freezer, returning every hour or so to stir and fluff it up with a fork. Slowly it will start to crystalise and form into a granita. It usually takes about 4 hours
To make the cocktail, take a large tumbler and place some crushed ice into the bottom. Pour in an equal measure of Jeeves, gin and Campari (50ml each is fine). Stir briefly and add the orange peel and then scoop a spoon of ginger granita into the middle