Rosemary mayonnaise

This rosemary mayonnaise from Adam Stokes may take a few days to infuse and fully come to life, but the results are fantastic – a creamy, aromatic accompaniment that will go wonderfully well with seafood or some chunky home-cooked chips.

First published in 2015
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Mix together the mayonnaise, rosemary sprigs and lemon juice and pour into a sealable container
Seal and leave to marinate for 3 days to develop a wonderful, rich rosemary flavour
First published in 2015

Adam Stokes has achieved a lot in his career so far – including a Michelin star in two out of his three cheffing jobs. From refined country cuisine in the lowlands of Scotland to more modern, inventive dishes at his own restaurant in the heart of Birmingham, the themes that remain strong are intense flavours, beautiful British ingredients, stunning presentation and intricate technique.

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