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See all our foodie travel guides and features about Spain and Spanish cuisine, before delving into our collection of Spanish recipes to get a taste of the country at home.

Spain is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Its rich culture, thousands of years of history and some seriously stunning countryside make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy yourself for a few days or weeks. But one of the biggest draws is, of course, its food. Tapas bars in Barcelona; bite-size pintxos in Bilbao; huge pans of Paella in Valencia and some of the most famous fine dining restaurants in the world have cemented Spain's reputation as a culinary hotspot across the globe. Whether you're planning a holiday to the country or just want to bring a little bit of Spanish flavour into your kitchen at home, read on for our tips, guides, features and recipes that sum up what makes Spanish food and drink so incredible.


Catalonia makes up the northeastern corner of Spain and offers some of the most exciting food and drink in the country. Take a look at our dedicated page to all things Catalan, including travel guides, features and recipes.


The wild, rugged and fertile region of Asturias in northwest Spain is famous for its cider, cheeses, fish and hearty stews, making it a must-visit for the intrepid foodie. Get to grips with what makes the local cuisine so delicious.


The Spanish capital is a cosmopolitan melting pot – and its food reflects that. With squid sandwiches, churros, world-class jamon and robust stews on the menu, see what you should be keeping an eye out for when dining in the city.


It might be famous for its nightlife and (more recently) high-end wellness retreats, but the food found on Ibiza is quite different from mainland Spain. Take a look at our food-focused travel guide to find out what you should be doing when you arrive on the island.


The largest of the Canary Islands is a hit with tourists, but its food offering is just as much a reason to visit Tenerife as the beaches and weather. From unique potatoes to some very special honey, here's a crash course in the ingredients and dishes that make the island a gastronomic paradise.

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