Europe: food and travel guides

Planning a trip to Europe or simply want to know more about its many cuisines and dishes? Take a look at our food-focused travel guides and recipes for everything you need to know.



This northern European country sits across the sea from Finland and was previously part of the former Soviet Union, which made visiting pretty tricky. Today, however, the word is getting out about how beautiful it is, especially its capital city Tallinn. Take a look at our video guide and discover the trendy craft breweries, restaurants and producers that are breathing new life into this stunning city.



It's testament to Greek food that a simple salad of feta, red onion, cucumber and tomato can become such an iconic dish. There's much more to the country's cooking, however – from its beloved gyros to world-class restaurants in stunning locations like Santorini, here's what you need to know if you're planning a trip to two of Greece's top destinations.


We love Italian food so much here at Great British Chefs that we've got an entire sister site devoted to it. The ingredients, regional differences and fiercely protected culinary traditions make it a must-visit for anyone interested in food. Get to know about every single region in the country and get the low-down on what you simply have to taste when you're there by visiting Great Italian Chefs.


For a small island, Malta has a big reputation. Despite being in the middle of the Mediterranean and surviving countless battles over the centuries, it's stood the test of time to become a top holiday destination. Its capital Valletta is where most people head for – here's what to do when you get there.


Holland's cities teem with tourists throughout the year, but while Amsterdam gets the headlines up-and-coming places like Rotterdam are where you'll find some of the most interesting food and drink on offer. See which restaurants are taking the city to new heights and get your reservations in early.



Lisbon is an incredible place to visit – the vast markets, relaxed bars and beautiful buildings make it an ideal place for a quick city break. Porto, on the other hand, offers everything you could want from a coastal town. Take a look at our city guides for the highlights of these two Portuguese paradises.

Republic of Ireland

Look beyond the (admittedly delicious) pints of Guinness and you'll find an incredible beer scene in Ireland, packed with passionate producers. And if you're visiting Dublin, be sure to check out our city guide – there's a wealth of incredible restaurants, bars and shops that simply cannot be missed.


Russian cuisine is a bit of an unknown in the UK, but it's quickly getting its time on the world stage thanks to a handful of innovative chefs. See what one of them has to say on the country's cuisine, then take a look at the top spots to visit in beautiful St Petersburg.