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Sous Vide iOS app

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Sous Vide iOS app

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Top tips, ultimate guides and helpful videos for sous vide cooking, from Great British Chefs and industry leaders Sous Vide Tools


With a host of Michelin stars and culinary accolades, our chefs are perfectly placed to share their experience and passion for cooking sous vide


Learn to cook exceptional sous vide dishes at home with recipes from some of the UK's most talented chefs


Packed with recipes

Following in the footsteps of some of the country's top chefs, users will be able to browse through delicious recipes that will truly inspire any passionate foodie.

Whether it's a perfectly poached piece of salmon or a silky smooth apple fool, each recipe demonstrates a different sous vide technique, showcasing the many culinary uses sous vide has and the ingredients that benefit from being cooked in this way.

Sous vide secrets

Not only do our chefs share their tips and tricks for perfect results; we've put together detailed how-to videos which guide users through the step-by-step processes for achieving perfect sous vide results every time.

From the fundamentals of using the equipment to cooking the tenderest of meats, flakiest of fish and juiciest of fruits – or even creating creamy sauces and infused liqueurs – we've got you covered.

...or try one of the recipes