Great British Bake Off returns for a fifth series on 6th August 2014. Twelve home cooks are set three weekly baking challenges and will battle it out to be crowned the UK's Best Amateur Baker. Judged by renowned cookery writer, Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood, the popular show moves from BBC2 to BBC1. Last year more than nine million people tuned in for the finals to see Frances Quinn win the ultimate prize.

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For those who have spent the past nine weeks in a land which didn’t involve cosying up on your sofa with large mug of tea and box of fondant fancies – here’s a quick round up of GBBO finalists and a recap of the grand finale.

The semi final of Great British Bake Off. Just four of the bakers are left and they all seemed to be feeling quietly confident. This week was patisserie week but it should rather have been entitled 'wahffer thin week'.

For the quarter finals of Great British Bake Off we returned to dough. The remaining bakers tackled sweet fruit loaves, an Eastern European cross between bread and pastry and dazzling doughnuts as the show stopper. Former GBBO baker Urvashi Roe recaps the highlights.

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Urvashi Roe gives her round up of pastry week, where savoury parcels, unpronounceable pastries and eclairs were the stars of the show.

Half way through Great British Bake Off and half a dozen bakers left in the tent. It was European cake week this week and some very challenging desserts pushed all of the bakers' planning, timing and creative skills to the limit.

After last week’s drama of #bingate, #icecreamgate & #justiceforiain, things were a little more sane on Great British Bake Off. There were pies and tarts a-plenty for this week's episode. Perhaps we'll even see a new trend for tiered pies at weddings.

9 bakers. 3 challenges. 2 judges. 1 tent. Who would get their just desserts? And who wouldn't? Discover the drama of dessert week in Great British Bake Off.

Why is it that Bread Week is the one they fear the most? You can sense the terror in the tent through the TV screen. Paul isn't thaaaaaaat scary is he? Damn right he is! Here's former Great British Bake Off contestant Urvashi's round up of the show.

Week two of The Great British Bake Off brought us biscuit week. So much scope for creativity. So much room for error. There have still been no tears from anyone. No-one is standing out as a clear leader of the biscuit packet either, so would this week change that?

12 new bakers, a number of firsts, tears, tiers, sinking cherries, guillotines and Mary Berry's Paddington stare. GBBO is finally back on our screens. Former contestant Urvashi Roe gives the many highlights of the opening episode.

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Look out for weekly blog posts for Great British Chefs from series two contestant Urvashi Roe. In the meantime we look ahead to what's in store for 2014 as the show moves to BBC One.

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