School Bans Triangular Flapjacks

By Mecca Ibrahim •

Will school cooks around the country have to change the shape of their flapjacks? Discover why square and rectangular is good and why three sided flapjacks may become a thing of the past.

Josh Eggleton’s flapjacks are OK

Dinner staff at an Essex school were told to cut their oaty treats into squares or rectangles after a pupil was injured by flying flapjack that was thrown at him. Essex county council said the ban was “not a county council decision”, although confirmed to The Guardian that Castle View school in Canvey Island had banned triangular shaped treats.

A spokesperson for Castle View school said: “I can confirm that the texture and shape of the flapjacks were reviewed following an isolated accident last week.”

How would Nathan Outlaw’s diamond shaped flapjacks fare?

Surely any food that has an edge on it as they ability to potentially injure someone if thrown in their face? In fact square and rectangular flapjacks have more corners to be damaging.

A spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive said: "We often come across half-baked decisions taken in the name of health and safety, but this one takes the biscuit".

"The real issue isn't what shape the flapjacks are, but the fact that pupils are throwing them at each other - and that's a matter of discipline, and has got nothing to do with health and safety as we know it. We're happy to make clear that flapjacks of all shapes and sizes continue to have our full backing".

What about other triangular food such as samosas? Will the school ban those too? Will other schools decide to follow in the footsteps of Castle View school? Is round food the only safe food to be served at school dinners?  Which shaped food would you consider the safest?

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Mecca Ibrahim

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