You voted in your thousands - over 7,500 votes in fact. We are now delighted to announce the cheeses, producers and retailers who received the most votes in each category. These finalists have made their way to the specialist judging tasting and we will announce the overall category winners in an awards ceremony at the end of October.

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Country Cheeses 

Country Cheeses started 25 years ago with a table in Tavistock’s Pannier Market, six cheeses, and loads of enthusiasm for eating ‘real’ cheese, and now has progressed on to three shops that all sell a variety of regional cheeses


The Courtyard Dairy 

The Courtyard Dairy’s owners have selected only the absolute best cheeses from small farms. The cheeses are then given a magical touch of special maturing, learnt first-hand from working for the most famous cheese-mongers of France and England.



Wildes Cheese is a small independent artisan cheese making company based on an industrial estate in Tottenham, North London. They are passionate about quality and provenance and have created their very own beautiful range of cheeses.


Cornish Yarg 

This nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg made from pasteurised cows’ milk is a fresh, lemony cheese. It is creamy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core.


Lincolnshire Poacher 

The flavour and texture of the cheese varies both daily and seasonally depending on time of year, stage of lactation, weather and an infinite number of other factors. It is usually matured for about 14 to 16 months and has quite a lot upfront with a rich full flavour.


Beenleigh Blue 

Beenleigh Blue is a modern, farmhouse, pasteurised, vegetarian, blue cheese made from sheep's milk. It is one of the few blue sheep’s milk cheeses produced in Britain.


Barkham Blue 

Barkham Blue has a very distinctive appearance. Made in a 1kg ammonite shaped round, it is covered in an attractive natural mould ripened rustic rind. It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour, without the harshness associated with some blue cheese.