Great British Cheese Awards Categories

Across nine categories, we want you to nominate and ultimately vote for your favourite cheeses, producers and specialist shops, all of which have helped make artisan British cheesemaking what it is today. Whether it’s a new producer making a few tonnes a year or a particular cheese that truly encapsulates what this exciting foodie revolution is all about, tell us about them and make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

Take a look at the different categories below to find out what we’re looking for – nominate your favourites and help spread the word about great British cheese!



Best speciality cheese retailer 

Whether it’s a tucked away counter in your local deli, a rickety stall at a farmers’ market, a specialist shop full of different varieties or an online store that posts fantastic cheese to your door, we want to hear about the UK's best cheese retailers. We’re after somewhere with great customer service, a passion for everything cheesy, enviable knowledge and a fantastic selection of British cheeses on offer – let us know who.


Best Artisan Cheese Producer 

Tell us about the people behind Britain’s best cheeses – it could be anyone, from a lone farmer turning their herd’s milk into a thing of beauty, to an artisan business that has consistently produced a variety of incredible cheese for years. Without these dedicated few, the British cheese industry would cease to exist; let’s give them the appreciation they deserve.


Best Hard Cheese 

Have a particular fondness for an artisan cheddar? Is there one hard variety that your cheeseboard is never complete without? This is the most popular cheese category in the UK, covering all those nutty, crumbly, sliceable delights that have been matured for anything from twelve weeks to several years. Tell us which ones you’ve developed a taste for so we can spread the word.


Best Blue Cheese 

Is your favourite blue cheese lightly speckled with the odd dot of mould or do you prefer a big wedge of something cavernous, spicy and blue-grey in appearance? Whether it’s soft and creamy or a crumbly mature number, blue cheeses are big in Britain and we want to discover the best there is. Let us know which should be crowned king of the blues with your nomination.


Best Soft Cheese 

The French can keep their Brie de Meaux – the UK now produces soft cheese so velvety, oozing and creamy that it ranks among the best in the world. If you love the melt-in-the-mouth texture and moreish, buttery flavour of one particular variety, or feel there’s a bloomy-rinded, floral, unctuous wheel out there that deserves to take the top spot, let us know.


Best Semi-Soft Cheese 

Not quite hard, not quite soft – these cheeses might be sitting on the fence in terms of texture but they’re some of the best in Britain. Often aged for just a few months, semi-softs can be anything from firm and rubbery to almost brie-like, have a washed rind, be wrapped in leaves or left natural. It’s one of the most diverse categories of cheese there is and we want to know which artisan varieties you love.


Best Fresh Cheese 

Ready to eat as soon as they’re created, fresh cheeses tend to be sweet, milky and bright white. Many are flavoured with spices, rolled into logs and made from various milks, while others are made to be cooked. Whatever fresh cheese is tickling your fancy, let us know and we’ll pit them against each other to see which come out on top.


Best new cheese producer 

Know a producer that’s only been making cheese for the past five years? Our expert judging panel are on the hunt to find the UK’s best newcomers in the industry. Innovation, dedication, perspiration.The panel are looking for someone out there that has given their all to the incredible world of British cheese and is going to help shape the industry in the future.


People's Choice - Best British Cheese 

We’re after the champion of champions in this category – the five cheeses that get the most nominations in each of the cheese categories will go on to a final round of voting to determine who gets to take home the title of Best British Cheese. It’s all to play for, with tiny local producers on equal footing against larger artisan businesses, so support your favourites and get nominating now.