21 Chefs 21 of the top chefs from across the UK, each providing 5 wonderful recipes for Cooking with Kids Available on the App Store
100+ Free Recipes 105 amazing Cooking with Kids recipes, from Sticky Chicken Wings to Yoghurt Berry Crunch and Apple Hedgehog Rolls to Cereal Bars Download for iPhone
Get the kids involved Each recipe contains step by step instructions & tips, plus 25 easy to follow child friendly videos to guide you through techniques like 'How To Separate Eggs' and 'Melt Chocolate' Download for iPad

The free app, developed in association with Tesco Realfood, contains 105 easy-to-follow recipes, which have been specially conceived to be cooked with children. The recipes range from inventive dinners such as ‘pizza hearts’, ‘campfire chilli con carne’ or ‘Rice Krispie fish fingers’ to special treats like ‘bacon roly polies’, ‘choux caterpillar’, ‘sweetcorn and tomato muffins’ and ‘popping chocolate orange bites’ to tasty desserts like ‘tropical fruit rockets’ or ‘London Eye tart’.

There's also a series of 25 exclusively created How To videos demonstrating a range of basic cooking techniques including How To Beat an Egg, How To Ice a Cupcake and How To Crumb Butter and Flour. 

The app features 21 great chefs: Marcus WareingNathan OutlawAlfred PrasadGalton BlackistonShaun RankinFrances AtkinsBruno LoubetAdam GrayGalvin BrothersMark DodsonAlyn WilliamsMarcello TullyMatthew TomkinsonAdam BennettAndy WatersDominic ChapmanColin McGurranWilliam DrabbleLisa AllenJosh Eggleton and Shaun Hill.

Download it free from the App Store now.

Cooking with Kids in Association with Tesco Real Food
"We're delighted to be collaborating with Great British Chefs to create this exciting new app, featuring fun new recipes to get your kids into the kitchen. Including ready-made ingredients lists to buy at Tesco, the easy-to-follow recipes are delicious!’"